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Howto get a javascript condition return value in advisor plugins

Raffaele Petta (111) | asked Apr 16 '13, 6:02 a.m.
Our customer uses only the Web UI hence is bothered by the fact that the message collector returns forgotten attributes one by one instead of alltogether in a single message, just as anyone would expect. 

Our solution aims to bridge this gap, to make the tool more usable both in the case of mandatory by condition and by type and state. For the latter it's easy to check whether the attribute has  null value or not, the former instead requires the return value of the matching condition. 

I'm aware that the RequiredAttributesByConditionAdvisor gets these values, but using internal classes (i.e. IConfiguration and ICondition).

Is it possible to achive the same behaviour using different (non internal) classes?

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