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Export RTC source code (not work items)

Jeff Foege (45266960) | asked Mar 12 '13, 1:55 p.m.

I've done some searching already but I thought I would ask the question just in case I overlooked something. So from what I can gather there is no way to export source code from RTC into another system? I know you guys have several ways to import but no way to export. This kind of makes RTC one way, once your code is in the system there is no way to get the history out. I realize we can just grab the head of the stream and move that but some people expressed wanting to look at the history.

So why work on import but it appears like not (if any) work on exporting the data out has been done?

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frederick carter (451217) | answered Mar 12 '13, 2:58 p.m.
why would you need to export, the code is accessible in its native files. you can copy paste portions or the whole file  or file sets.  Eclipse environment attributes to this .

Jeff Foege commented Mar 12 '13, 3:09 p.m.

Well to move source code and its history into another scm system.

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John Camelon (1.7k14) | answered Mar 13 '13, 11:48 a.m.
If what you are looking to do is share just the latest version into a different SCM, you can do that simply by loading a repository workspace and sharing the code into the other SCM.  

To export history, there is no functionality out of the box that makes this simple to do.  It should be possible using the RTC Plain Java API or perhaps by using the command line.  We had done some prototyping in the past about trying to support 2-way sync to/from Subversion, but it never made it into the product.  These capabilities are often not written by the developers that build the source SCM system, unless there is a strategic reason to do so.

hope this helps, 

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