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Product Release / Trial | April 23, 2019
Rational Team Concert New & Noteworthy

Rational Team Concert New & Noteworthy

Rational Team Concert is an integral part of the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM). For new and noteworthy information about other applications, see these pages:

For a list of changes to the installation and upgrade process, see the CLM and IoT CE Installation and Upgrade Notes.

New in Rational Team Concert

For a complete list of new and noteworthy items in this release, see the New & Noteworthy Details.

For a summary of items in this release, see the following highlights:

Build: Create and edit build definitions in the web client

You can now create build definitions in the web client. In the New Build Definition window, you can create a new definition by either selecting the build definition type such as Ant or Hudson/Jenkins, or copying an existing definition. You cannot create and edit Enterprise Extensions build definitions in the web client.

Client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE: Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2019

You can now install the Rational Team Concert integration into the Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 IDE. Note: As part of the new Visual Studio user interface design, the Team Concert menu has been moved under the new Extensions top-level menu.

Enterprise Extensions: Resolve dependencies from components in a different stream for dependency builds

You can now resolve dependencies for the programs being built during a dependency build from inputs contained in streams other than the build stream. This feature enables you to integrate inter-application libraries in builds without modifying the application’s source-control management (SCM) structure, which means you avoid having to add them to each application's stream. You configure the additional input flows at the build definition's build workspace. You can enable this feature at the build definition level.

Jazz source control: Combine change sets

You can now combine multiple change sets into a new, single change set. You can use this feature in the client for Eclipse IDE, the client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, and the command-line interface.

Jazz source control: Change Summary view shows subcomponent changes

In the Rational Team Concert client for Eclipse IDE and the client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, the Change Summary view now shows the addition and removal of subcomponents for a component.

Jazz source control: Change sets in the Pending Changes view show subcomponent changes

In the Rational Team Concert client for Eclipse IDE and the client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, change sets in the Pending Changes view now show the addition and removal of subcomponents.

Jazz source control: Support for exporting and importing components

This release adds two repository tools commands for exporting and importing components. The scmExportComponent command exports the contents of source-control management (SCM) components to a .tar file. The scmImportComponent command imports the contents of an exported .tar file.

Tracking and planning: ETags in the Rational Team Concert Tracking and Planning Resources (TRS 2.0) feed

ETags are now provided for the following artifacts in the TRS feed: work item, schedule, enumeration, enumeration list, category, release (deliverable), plan, work flow state and resolution, and timesheet entry. ETags are also published for the timesheet entry artifact type (if the project area has time codes) and for the work item artifact type.

Tracking and planning: Program Board

This release provides the Program Board feature. The Program Board provides visualizations that you can use during program iteration planning at the program or team level. These visualizations show dependencies in a specific scope, such as across programs or teams.

The program board shows parent type work items that have one or more child type work items, for all parents that are planned for the parent iteration or its immediate child iteration. Parent work items are displayed in team area lanes in the child iteration box when the child work items are filed against that team area and planned for that child iteration. The board shows any dependencies between the child work items.

Tracking and planning: Organization of work item queries using tags (Technical preview)

This release adds the ability to organize work item queries by using tags. This feature is available as a technical preview. This feature supports grouping queries by tags on the My Queries and Shared Queries tabs. The tags can represent a hierarchy of folders. For example, the tag / iFix003 / verification (release / iFix / type) displays with a root of, a child iFix003, and a nested child verification. You can organize your queries with new tags or existing tags.

New in previous versions of Rational Team Concert

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