Rational Team Concert 3.0: Context-Aware Search for source code using semantic analysis of related artifacts

  • Summary:
    Determining where functionality is implemented or what existing code may be relevant for understanding and implementing a work item can be difficult using conventional search technologies. A developer may need to already be highly familiar with existing details such as code organization and naming conventions to be able to use regular expression and other wild-card style searches effectively. In large projects such searches may not be practical, and the developer instead relies on acquired insight. Context-Aware Search enables searching using natural language rather than exact patterns. This capability allows analysis of a work item for relevant keywords. Using these keywords it then locates source code that may be relevant for the work item.
  • Date:
    Fri, 19 Nov 2010
  • Download the video:
    rtc30-contextaware-search.mp4 (19.69 MB)
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