Getting started with Engineering Method Composer

Introduction to MEC

Overview of Engineering Method Composer (online help  , videos) – Learn about the tool’s major capabilities and get familiar with key terminology and concepts.

Download and install MEC


  • Tutorial exercises available in the product help are an excellent way to build skills.  However, the tutorials use the older RUP library that no longer ships with MEC.  The tutorials are being updated to use the IBM Practices library.  In the meantime you can do a separate download of the old RUP library, open it, and do the tutorials.
  • Example Practices Customization – Company ABC – This white paper walks through a typical example of how a customer creates and publishes a customized process based on the IBM Practices Library. You can use the scenarios in this paper as a tutorial to learn Engineering Method Composer, or as a cookbook to create an initial process based on the IBM Practices.
  • Lab exercises – Lab 1 – MEC Overview-instructions, Lab 2 – MEC EWM Integration-instructions

Training and Consulting

  • Training on MEC is available through IBM Lab Services.  Courses can be tailored to be from one day of accelerated overview to three days that cover in-depth features.
  • Consulting is also available from IBM Lab Services, including guidance on migrating existing process content, library architecture, and best practices.

Explore IBM Practices Library

  • The IBM Practices library is included as part of the installation of MEC.
  • Click the shortcut to the All IBM Practices published web site (added to the start menu as part of MEC installation) to explore the available practices.

Learn about library architecture and advanced features

In-depth topics

  • Some users like to initially define their library structure and method elements in other tools before documenting the method in MEC. Others might be migrating to using the tool for the first time, and they have a significant amount of information in another format. Being able to import existing method information can save a lot of time. Populating an MEC Library using XML Import describes how to do that.

  • Learn how to use Engineering Method Composer to plan for, deliver, and manage releases of processes. The attached article explains how to identify what has changed from one release to the next, using a variety of techniques. This article assumes that you are using Rational Team Concert (Jazz) source control for your library files, and uses BeyondCompare 2, a file comparison utility provided by ScooterSoftware.

User defined types and modifying existing types

  • The article included in this RACI zip file provides instructions on how to incorporate RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed) relationships into Engineering Method Composer (MEC).

Test your MEC knowledge

Software Capability Improvement Practices

Review the following practices (found in IBM Practices Library):

  • Software capability program management (for governing process improvement programs)
  • Method development (for authoring method assets using MEC)

Also relevant are:

  • Adoption through execution (capability improvement through mentoring)
  • Setting up a performance measurement system
  • Managing performance through measurements

Do you have questions?

Post them to the forum and include the tag “mec”.

For IBM support, sales, services, or training on Engineering Method Composer and Practices, see Engineering Method Composer on IBM Marketplace







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