Workaround: Opening the internal browser crashes the Rational Team Concert Eclipse client


If you perform an action that opens an internal web browser, the 64-bit windows Rational Team Concert 4.x client for Eclipse might crash.

More Information

If the Rational Team Concert client for Eclipse is installed on Windows with the 64-bit architecture option in the Installation Manager “Install Packages” page, and the default system web browser is Internet Explorer version 8.x, then using the Eclipse internal browser might crash the IDE.

There are two ways to workaround this problem:
a) The recommended solution is to upgrade the browser on the Windows system from IE8 to IE9. For Rational Team Concert 4.0.3 and later, IE9 is the minimum supported browser version when running the 64-bit Rational Team Concert Eclipse client on a 64-bit Windows platform.
b) If you are unable to upgrade to IE9, you can also avoid the crash by editing the eclipse.ini file, located in the top-level installation directory for the client, and modify the path after the -vm argument by removing the javaw.exe from the end of the path. For example, if the original path is:
it is changed to:

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