Build the right tests with requirement driven testing

Rational Quality Manager integrates with requirement management tools such as Rational Requirements Composer or Rational DOORS, and support requirement driven testing. You can link your test plan to a collection of requirements streamlining the process of keeping test cases in sync with requirements as they evolve.

Quickly create test cases and always stay in sync

The reconcile wizard helps testers identify new and modified requirements, create new test cases and optionally mark existing impacted test cases as suspect. This drastically speed up the creation of hundreds or even thousand of test cases from specifications, and help QA professionals to quickly update test plans whenever there are changes.

Find gaps thanks to lifecycle traceability

Rational Quality Manager offers many ways to visualize traceability between requirements, test cases and test results. You can quickly identify any gaps so that no requirements go out untested.

Requirement details at your finger tips

No more need to spend a great amount of time trying to find details about the requirements. Rational Quality Manager gives you direct access to the requirement details through rich hover capabilities. And requirements are always one click away if you need to learn more or collaborate further with the business analyst who owns them.

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