Manage the web of traceability produced by your projects

Capturing your stakeholder and user requirements in Rational DOORS Next Generation is only the first step in realizing your project. As your project progresses and evolves, these initial requirements give rise to other requirements which elaborate, satisfy, and verify them. The result is a web of interdependent artefacts and relationships which represent the nature of the dependencies between these artefacts. Navigating and understanding this web of information is critical to the success of your project.

Ensure your project is complete

Rational DOORS Next Generations grid and tree view enable analysis to understand the relationships between various artifacts. The tree view can be used to understand how high level user and stake holder requirements are satisfied ensuring that the project is complete. The tree view can also be used to determine if lower level requirements are still necessary because they can be traced to the high level requirements.

Predict the effects of a change in the system

Projects are never static. Even the most well planned projects receive change requests during implementation. Accurately predicting the down streams effects of these change requests is critical in delivering successful project. Links Explorer graphically displays the dependencies from a particular artifact. By specifying all or only selected relationships to follow, an analyst can accurately understand how a change in one artifact will affect the entire system.

After a change has been approved, know which artifacts are affected and which need to be reconsidered

After the analyst has estimated the impact of a particular change request, the change request has been approved, and the changes to the artifact has been made, the effects of this change need to propagated through out the rest of the system. Suspect Link facility atomically indicates when an artifacts become suspect and needs to be evaluated and possible modified because a linked artifact has changed.

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