Overwhelmed by information? Create a custom dashboard to summarize relevant information.

Each stakeholder in a project may be interested in different information (e.g. defect backlog, current tasks, or release schedule). Rational DOORS Next Generation allows you to create custom a dashboard with multiple pages, each displaying a customizable view, of a given project, to quickly investigate the desired information at any time. Each page contains custom viewlets, each with a specific purpose.

Enhance communication by sharing dashboard with project members

The dashboard pages are visible to all members of a project which allows quick, convenient interaction with particular information associated with the project (e.g. comments, recent changes, or reviews). A dashboard has pages (i.e. tabs) each containing viewlets.

Summarize and interact with current information

There are predefined viewlets that show graphs, diagrams and queries. You can also make custom viewlets to show information in a unique way to your team. To show additionally information some viewlets have hovers, such as the Recent Changes, which will show each of the changes made to the artifact.

Other viewlets have actions that allow you to interact with current discussions, without needing to search or request information. Basically, use viewlets to customize pages of information your team is interested in, to effectively summarize your project.

Two heads are better than one. Improve artifact quality and reinforce process by creating reviews for artifacts.

When creating requirements for a project, it is easy to validate artifacts using peer reviews. Rational DOORS Next Generation encourages collaboration by making it easy to setup a review of a group of artifacts.

As an owner of a review you can see the progress, comments and status of all participants involved in the review. You can broadcast emails, leave instructions or even change their progress and status. Multiple perspectives on a design help to work out the kinks, and make it more usable. As a participant of a review you can interact with artifacts in a review by leaving comments and voting.

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