Integrating Rational Team Concert with Git, GitHub, or GitLab

Starting with v5.0, Rational Team Concert bundles a Git integration as part of the RTC product. You can use RTC’s Git integration to manage all your teams with common governance, change/defect management, metrics, and reporting no matter which SCM they are using.

If you are using Git, you can integrate with RTC v5.x or later. (RTC v6.0.1 or later is preferred as it is much easier to set up.)

RTC v6.0.1

Git integration includes:

  • Support for GitHub and GitLab
  • Actionable Git comments that update RTC work items
  • Ability to resolve RTC work items without leaving GitHub/Git
  • GitHub/GitLab/Git traceability (rich hover support for Git commits that link to code)
  • Support for Git user branches

RTC v6.0

Git integration includes:

  • SSH protocol support
  • Using Git notes for work items – commit linking
  • Node.js-based server to serve commit details

For more details, see Rational Team Concert 6.0 New & Noteworthy.

RTC v5.0.2

Git integration includes:

  • Read-access permissions for Git repositories
  • Git commit details page
  • Rational Team Concert Jenkins plug-in for Git integration
  • Hiding top-level Git menu items

For more details, see Rational Team Concert 5.0.2 New & Noteworthy.

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