Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management 2012 Administration Workshop

This workshop assists CLM administrators with configuration and setup of CLM applications within different topologies and middleware applications. You should do the workshop if you want to learn how to:

  • Move a CLM installation to Departmental or Enterprise topologies.
  • Install a reverse proxy to better manage CLM servers.
  • Adopt enterprise middleware such as DB2, WAS or LDAP services.
  • Rename CLM servers to create a staging environment.
  • Create CLM clusters to support High Availability.

The workshop contains the following labs:

  • Lab 1: Workshop setup
  • Lab 2: Departmental Topology (migrate to WAS, DB2, and LDAP)
  • Lab 3: Configure Reverse Proxy
  • Lab 4: Enterprise Topology (migrate to a clustered topology)
  • Lab 5: Create a Staging Environment (server rename)

There is a cloud image available that completes most of Lab 1. This will save you significant time in setting up the workshop.

Lab Material:

Dashboards and work items are no longer publicly available, so some links may be invalid. We now provide similar information through other means. Learn more here.
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