Sample applications and videos for Enterprise Extensions features in Rational Team Concert 4.x and 3.x

This article provides you with videos and sample applications for exploring the Rational Team Concert Enterprise Extensions features and functions. You can also download the sample applications using the links provided. Some of the Enterprise Extensions features of Rational Team Concert are only available with a Developer for IBM Enterprise Platforms client access license (CAL).

Enterprise Extensions sample applications

Go to the following wiki pages to download the sample applications to use with the Enterprise Extensions tutorials:

Enterprise Extensions videos

There are several videos and tutorials designed to introduce you to basic functions and tasks of the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM). The following videos are specific to Enterprise Extensions features:

These videos are hosted on YouTube. You can download the videos and others from the multimedia download site. The videos are listed by this naming convention: RTC_version_EE_title.

Enterprise Extensions YouTube channel

The Rational Team Concert Enterprise Extensions channel includes demos, how-to videos, and sneak peeks of our features while they’re being developed.

Enterprise Extensions articles and workshops

The following articles provide setup and usage details for using Rational Team Concert on enterprise systems:

For more information

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