Workaround: When logging into Requirements Management , “Invalid path to authentication servlet.: /” occurs


When using Internet Explorer 8, during the initial Requirements Management login sequence in a distributed environment, the login fails with an error “Invalid path to authentication servlet.: /”. This will only affect Internet Explorer 8 users, using self signed certificates, in a distributed environment.


There are 2 options to work around this problem.

  1. Modify regisry setting, adding TabProcGrowth=0 for Internet Explorer 8
  2. After the problem occurs, the user will need to refresh the browser, and attempt to login again. On the the second attempt the user should be presented with a “collaborate with server…” prompt allowing the user to communicate with the JTS. Alternatively, a different Internet Explorer version such as Internet Explorer 7 or another recommended browser such as FireFox can be used.

This issue has been address and will be fixed in 3.0.1 iFix 1

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