Tip: Troubleshooting the error ‘CRJAZ1247I’ when checking files into Jazz Source Control


When sharing or checking in files, an error message CRJAZ1247I can be returned indicating that you should look in the server log. This article describes this issue in more detail, and provides a solution to avoiding this error in the future.

More Information

This error often comes up because the server has been configured to have its content directory in /tmp.   On many UNIX based systems, /tmp will be periodically cleaned up by tmpwatch.  When the RTC Server starts up, if the content service temporary directory is a child of /tmp, a warning gets printed out to the log, encouraging the administrators to  change the value of this preference to a value which makes sense for their system. The error message in the ccm/jazz log looks something like this:

CRRTC5038W - The versioned content service temp directory has been deleted.   This often can happen if the property ''vcs.tmpdir'' is a directory within /tmp. Please contact your   server administrator.  

To change this property, you need to edit the Advanced Properties of the server in the Admin Web UI and change the value of Versionable Content Temporary Directory to something that will not be automatically cleaned up on your system (i.e. not in /tmp if you run tmpwatch).

Subsequent checkins should succeed from that point on.

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