Limitations: Differences and limitations of the rich text editor in Rational Team Concert 6.0.3 – 6.0.6

The 6.0.3 release introduced rich text editing capabilities in the work item editor. This article describes the limitations of these capabilities.

Extended rich text rendered as read-only in 6.0.6 Eclipse client

In the 6.0.6 Rational Team Concert client for Eclipse IDE, large HTML-type attribute presentations that contain extended rich text are now rendered as read-only. To edit attributes that contain extended rich text, such as the Description field, use the web client. In the Eclipse client, attributes that contain extended rich text have a link that opens the work item in the web client. For details, see this video: Rich text rendering in the Eclipse client.

Enablement required

By default, the rich text editing capabilities are disabled. To enable rich text editing, you must set the Enable extended rich text presentation property to True on the Advanced Properties page of the application server. For details about setting advanced properties, see Configuring advanced properties.
Note: Extended rich text applies only to Large HTML attribute types.

Find functionality changed

To search for text within a work item, you must have focus in the editor when you click Ctrl-F. If you click Ctrl-F while focus is outside of the editor, the Find/Replace window opens; however, it does not search the work item for the text that you specify.

Content assist behavior changed

If you click Ctrl-space to invoke content assist within the work item editor, the insert user window opens. However, if you press Ctrl-space after entering the name of a work item type, such as defect, the work item selection window opens. Content assist does not provide suggestions for users or work items.

N minus 1 client behavior

If you use a pre-6.0.3 client, you cannot save a work item that contains changes to an attribute that contains extended rich text. You cannot move or copy a work item that contains an attribute with extended rich text to a different project area.

Hover behavior changed

Hovers are dismissed after you click elsewhere. When extended rich text is not enabled, hovers are dismissed when you move the cursor away from the hover.

The new editor is not tied to the preferences in the Rational Team Concert client for Eclipse IDE

Formatting preferences and key bindings for short cuts that you specify in your Eclipse preferences are not be reflected in the new work item editor. For details, see [Rich Text] Eclipse allows re-binding key shortcuts (ex: copy/paste/undo, etc.), which works in the comments/summary but not the new rich text description section and Rich Text: Links in work item editor description are not using the selected in the preferences color..

Desired fonts might not display in Rational Team Concert client for Eclipse IDE

The Rational Team Concert client for Eclipse IDE work item editor might not display the desired font in a presentation that supports extended rich text if that font cannot be displayed in a web browser on your system. For details, see Default font and size of the content in the description does not match with the rest of the content.

Mac OS issues

Eclipse client preferences are used for default font/size

By default, the new work item editor uses the font and size that you specify in the Eclipse client preferences. However, if the default options are not available in the work item editor, and you change the font or size of text in a work item, you cannot re-apply the default font or size to that text.

Unsupported HTML presentations

You cannot use a large HTML presentation and a small HTML presentation for the same large HTML attribute in either the new Eclipse editor or in the web client.

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