Workaround: Lifecycle Query Engine server names do not change after performing server rename

Author: Keith Wells, Patti Hiscock
Last Updated: September 2015
Build Basis: Lifecycle Query Engine 6.0.0 and later

Problem Summary

The name of the Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) server does not change when you rename the Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) application servers.


When you perform server rename on the application servers in an environment that includes LQE and Link Index Provider (LDX), the names of the LQE and LDX servers do not change.

LQE and LDX do not participate in the server rename process for the CLM applications, so the server names do not automatically change when rename is complete.

The server name for LQE and LDX is an identifier; simply a display name only. By default, to identify different LQE or LDX nodes, the current host name is added as the node ID; it is set the first time each LQE or LDX node is started.

The node ID does not have to be a host name; as administrator, you can change it to be whatever you want.


The administrator can change the names of the LQE and LDX servers (and nodes) at any time.

  1. In the Lifecycle Query Engine Administration page navigation, under Configuration, click LQE Nodes.
  2. For each server or node that you want to rename, click on the associated node link.
  3. Type a new name for the node.

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