Workaround: PDF attachments to work items cannot be previewed or downloaded in the Rational Team Concert web client

Workaround summary


The web client for Rational Team Concert has security restrictions that protect against malicious content when you view attachments. These restrictions block scripts and plug-ins from running, and also prevent previews of PDF files. Additionally, in Mozilla Firefox, you can no longer download PDF files by clicking the link in the preview window.


Complete these steps:

  1. In the Work Item editor, on the Links tab, click a PDF file to view. A window opens that displays this message: Preview is unavailable for this file type. Click here to download the attachment.
  2. Right-click the link and then click Open Link in New Window. The file loads in your browser and you can download the attachment to your computer. However, downloading the file this way might expose your computer to malicious content.
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