Workaround: The ClearCase Version Importer fails to import multiple views and displays the error “Component has outstanding conflicts in workspace”

Workaround summary


When you export and import Rational ClearCase versions with the ClearCase Version Importer, you can specify multiple views to import all baselines at once. When files are moved or renamed across views, the importer also moves or renames the files in the Rational Team Concert source control. There are some rename cases that the importer cannot handle, so it leaves outstanding conflicts in the workspace.


The import command fails with the error, “Component has outstanding conflicts in workspace,” in the following example:

C:CCSyncccctoolseclipse>ccc import ccase -d C:data11views_multisite -r repo -s s1 -c c1  2014-05-06 08:43:38,024  INFO Created workspace for importing from ClearCase. Do not remove the work  space. It will be deleted by this process at the end. Workspace name: ImporterWorkspace oid:e19e9123  .97d911cc.a069.00:01:80:02:bc:53@vobuuid:dc3e90df.97d911cc.a069.00:01:80:02:bc:53__C3pFkNUcEeOMRtCvL  Gxewg.  2014-05-06 08:43:38,040  INFO Starting to import data to Rational Team Concert.  The details are log  ged in "C:data11views_multisitelogsimportCCase.2014-05-06T08.43.37.log".  2014-05-06 08:43:37,131  INFO Starting to import versions found in view1.  2014-05-06 08:43:38,697  INFO Creating configuration for baseline: view1.  2014-05-06 08:43:39,503  INFO Starting to import additional versions found in view2.  2014-05-06 08:43:40,442  INFO Creating configuration for baseline: view2.  2014-05-06 08:43:41,876  INFO Starting to import additional versions found in view3.  2014-05-06 08:43:42,880  INFO Creating configuration for baseline: view3.  Problem running 'import ccase':  Could not import data to Rational Team Concert source control because of the following error:  Component 'c1' has outstanding conflicts in workspace


When this error occurs, the baselines that are already imported are not affected by the issue (as shown for view1 and view2 in the example). To import the remainder of the views, complete these steps:
  1. Export the Rational ClearCase views that were not imported. Specify a new data directory during the export command. You can specify the same options other than the views and data directory.
  2. Before running the import command, open the stream editor in the Rational Team Concert Eclipse client and replace the component with an initial baseline (or a baseline that is created manually before the failed import). If the component has a baseline that was created by the last ClearCase Version Importer run, you get the same issue again.
  3. Import the new intermediate data to the same stream and the same component.

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