Limitation: Manual test script editing in Rational Quality Manager 4.0.6

The following problem is related to the Rational Quality Manager 4.0.6 release.


The following problem exists in this release:

Limitation summary


When you are browsing lists of artifacts in a table, you can edit test artifact attributes inline on the page. When you edit inline in a table, you edit without actually opening the test artifact. This functionality is like editing a spreadsheet of manual script attributes such as name, owner, or state.

In the 4.0.6 release, if you edit manual script attributes inline, the script will be saved, but all of the script’s manual test steps will be removed. In the history of the script, the steps are shown as being removed.

This problem occurs only when you edit inline. If you bulk edit scripts by selecting their check boxes and updating their attributes from the table column headers, this problem does not occur. In addition, the problem does not occur if you open an artifact in full edit mode and update its attributes.

Do not edit manual scripts inline from a table until a fix is applied to the product. If this problem occurs before a fix is applied, the only workaround is to re-create the script steps by viewing the script’s history.

Obtaining a fix

Contact IBM Support and mention quality management work item 107495. IBM Support can then provide a test fix for the issue.

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