Workaround: Installing the Eclipse 4.2 based Rational Team Concert client with IBM Installation Manager into an existing Eclipse 4.2 fails in some scenarios

Workaround summary


Installation with IBM Installation Manager can have problems under the following conditions:

  • Using IBM Installation Manager version 1.6.3 or
  • Installing the Rational Team Concert 4.0.3 client for Eclipse 4.2 IDE
  • Using the “Extend an existing Eclipse” feature in IBM Installation Manager
When the above conditions are true, the following problems can occur:
  1. Certain patches must be applied to the Eclipse being extended before the IBM Installation Manager install. IBM Installation Manager does not detect the case where these patches have not yet been applied, and this leads to a broken installation. Attempting to uninstall at this point leads to the error message Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found with some additional details about unsatisfied dependencies. The uninstall is blocked at this point by the error condition.
  2. IBM Installation Manager fails to cleanly uninstall instances of the Rational Team Concert 4.0.3 client for Eclipse 4.2 IDE, which extends an existing Eclipse client if other installed instances of the Rational Team Concert 4.0.3 client for Eclipse 4.2 IDE do not.


Avoid the problems outlined above by following these steps to prepare and conduct the installation and uninstallation of Rational Team Concert 4.0.3 client for Eclipse 4.2 IDE, which will extend an existing Eclipse client:

  1. Unzip the Eclipse 4.2 client download, and make sure that you can start it. This might require editing the eclipse.ini file to configure a path to a Java runtime using the -vm argument.
  2. Download and apply the necessary patches to the Eclipse 4.2 client. The downloads and steps for this is outlined in the wiki for Installing Rational Eclipse-based products within an existing Eclipse. If there is no section in the wiki specific to the version of Rational Team Concert being installed then refer to the section for the release of Rational Application Developer, which is based on the same Eclipse client version. For the Rational Team Concert 4.0.3 client for Eclipse 4.2, see the Rational Application Developer for WebSphere v9.0.0 for IIEE V4.2.2 section of this wiki.
  3. Start IBM Installation Manager, and proceed as normal through the steps to install the Rational Team Concert 4.0.3 client for Eclipse 4.2 IDE and extend an existing Eclipse. Select the existing Eclipse client that you prepared in the previous steps.

If the Eclipse 4.2 client installation was not prepared and patched as described above, and you are at the point where the uninstall is blocked, follow the steps for one of the methods below to cleanly uninstall:

Uninstall method 1

  1. Start the existing Eclipse client, and click Help > About.
  2. In the About dialog, click Installation Details.
  3. In the Install Details dialog, select the product (e.g. “Rational Team Concert Client Feature”). The product is labeled with the IM package group ID.
  4. Click Uninstall. During this uninstall, the bundles that were deleted from the existing Eclipse client when the product was installed are re-downloaded from one of the Eclipse software sites (e.g. Juno release site or Eclipse 4.2 updates).
  5. When prompted to restart, click Yes.
  6. Exit from the existing Eclipse IDE client.
  7. In IBM Installation Manager, uninstall the product that is installed in the existing Eclipse client.

Uninstall method 2

  1. In the existing Eclipse folder, rename or delete the “configuration” and “p2” subfolders.
  2. Unzip the Eclipse download (e.g. into the existing Eclipse folder again. If prompted, select the option to overwrite existing files.
  3. Redo the setup of the Java runtime (such as editing eclipse.ini to specify the -vm argument).
  4. Start the Eclipse client executable, and make sure it starts cleanly.
  5. Return to IBM Installation Manager, and proceed again with the uninstall operation.

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