Workaround: Application trial licenses are deactivated during a server rename that includes a context root change


This problem occurs when an application that is participating in a server rename operation changes its context root as part of the rename process. When the rename operation is complete and the application is waiting in read-only verification mode, trial licenses for the application (such as Rational Team Concert Developer, Quality Manager Professional, and Requirements Composer Analyst) that were previously active are deactivated. After this deactivation, users who are assigned these licenses cannot perform actions that require the licenses. When you view the licenses in the License Key Management section of the Administration interface, they are listed as deactivated. This problem only affects application trial licenses when the context root is being renamed.


Complete these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Jazz Team Server Server tab in the Administration web interface.
  2. Select License Key Management from the Licensing section of the left navigation bar.
  3. In the Client Access License Types section, for each license that was active before the server rename process and is now listed as deactivated, click Activate Trial. If you agree to the trial license agreement, accept it. The licenses are now reactivated. You do not need to reassign licenses to users who already had them assigned before the rename.

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