Rational Team Concert 4.0 Enterprise Extensions Build Administration Workshop

This workshop is intended to expose you, as System z build administrator, to many of the tasks that you and your team will need to perform to migrate and maintain your source control and build infrastructure using Rational Team Concert Enterprise Extensions.

At the end of this workshop, you should have an awareness and understanding of the following:

  • Upfront planning and decisions involved in preparing for a migration
  • Representation of host resources and build steps using RTC system definitions
  • Configuration of build processes using RTC build definitions
  • Control of development hierarchy (Development->Test->QA->Production) through RTC promotion
  • Release of changed applications to Test and Production environments through RTC deployment

The workshop contains the following labs:

  • Installation and setup
  • Lab 1: Planning your Rational Team Concert solution
  • Lab 2: Sharing your source members in Rational Team Concert
  • Lab 3: Migrating your build to Rational Team Concert
  • Lab 4: Promoting your changes from Development to Production
  • Lab 5: Packaging and deploying your application
  • Lab 6: Performing an end-to-end verification of your development lifecycle

Lab material:

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