Troubleshooting Tips for the Rational Team Concert MS-SCCI Client


This article provides troubleshooting tips when using the Rational Team Concert MS-SCCI Client (v4.0). You can find more information about this client on the RTC feature page. While this article refers to Rational Team Concert MS-SCCI Client v4.0, it will apply to later versions as well.

More Information

If you run in to issues while trying to integrate your application with Rational Team Concert MS-SCCI Client, you can try the following steps, in the following order.

  1. Check the Pre-Requisites
  2. Rational Team Concert MS-SCCI Client (v4.0) has two pre-requisites. Please make sure these are in order.

    • Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 Service Pack 1 (32-bit)
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Re-distributable package (32-bit)

    Later releases of the Rational Team Concert MS-SCCI client might need newer versions of the Microsoft .NET framework or the Microsoft Visual C++ re-distributable package, as mentioned in its pre-requisites.

  3. Check if the application is 32-bit
  4. Integration of the Rational Team Concert MS-SCCI Client is supported only with 32-bit applications. Although you might be running on a 64-bit version of Windows, if your application is 32-bit, the integration should still work.

  5. Check the registry entries
  6. If the Rational Team Concert MS-SCCI Client is installed successfully, it should have added the following entries into the registry.

    • <HKLM_SOFTWARE>IBMJazzMsScciProviderInstallLocation – should hold the location where Rational Team Concert MS-SCCI Client is installed
    • <HKLM_SOFTWARE>IBMJazzMsScciProviderSCCServerName – should have the value “Jazz MSSCCI Provider”
    • <HKLM_SOFTWARE>IBMJazzMsScciProviderSccServerPath – should have the absolute path of JazzMsScciComPlugin.dll
    • <HKLM_SOFTWARE>SourceCodeControlProviderInstalledSCCProvidersJazz MSSCCI Provider – should have the value SoftwareIBMJazzMsScciProvider

    where <HKLM_SOFTWARE> points to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftware registry hive on 32-bit Microsoft® Windows®, while on a 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® system, <SOFTWARE> points to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareWow6432Node.
    Also, the installer updates the default source control provider, by updating the following registry entry

    • <HKLM_SOFTWARE>SourceCodeControlProviderProviderRegKey – should have the value SoftwareIBMJazzMsScciProvider

    Make sure these entries are in order.

  7. Enabling trace and collecting the trace files
  8. Trace information is captured in the trace files. The trace files are located at <APPDATA>IBMRationalTeam Concert MsScci directory (where <APPDATA> points to the user’s application data directory. On a Microsoft Windows XP system, it is usually C:Documents and Settingsuser-nameApplication Data directory, while on a Microsoft Windows 7 system, it points to C:Usersuser-nameAppDataRoaming directory).

    Multiple trace files are generated. The trace file name has the following format: <prefix>-<timestamp>.txt. The prefix identifies the owner of the trace file. The timestamp helps you identify the relevant trace file that is associated with the currently running application, as it bears the time stamp of when the file is created.

    You might find the following trace files:

    • msscci-<timestamp>.txt – The main trace file
    • msscci_com-<timestamp>.txt – The trace file generated by the source control plugin
    • msscci_tray-<timestamp>.txt – The trace file generated by the tray application
    • msscci_controlpanel-<timestamp>.txt – The trace file generated by the control panel application
    • msscci_pref-<timestamp>.txt – The trace file generated by the preferences application
  9. Modifying the trace level
  10. By default, some amount of tracing is generated. However, if more exhaustive tracing is needed, you can modify the “Global Trace Level” preference setting. This can be done via the Rational Team Concert MS-SCCI Client’s Control Panel. Follow the below steps to modify this preference.

    1. Open Control Panel via Start Menu > All Programs > IBM Rational Team Concert MS-SCCI Provider > Team Concert MS-SCCI Control Panel
    2. Open Preferences dialog by clicking on the Modify MS-SCCI Preferences link
    3. Activate the Miscellaneous tab
    4. Select an appropriate trace level in the drop down as shown below. Verbose generates maximum trace information, while Off does not generate any.
    5. Click Ok to save and close the setting

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