Workaround: How to Use the Jazz SCM participant with the Build Forge Agent Build Definition

When using the Jazz SCM build participant with the Build Forge Agent engine and build definition, you may see an error in the build log along the lines of:

  SET Reference to undefined variable: "JBE_WORKING_DIR"  EXEC Unable to set working directory to '"JBE_WORKING_DIR"' (2).  RESULT 4  EOR  

The problem occurs because the Build Forge Agent integration requires certain build properties to be set in order for the Jazz SCM build participant to work.

Required Build Properties

Variable Description
JBE_COMMAND Set to the fully qualified path to the JBE executable, which will be jbe.exe or depending on the operating system. Note that the JBE path will be called from the Build Forge Agent machine, not the Jazz server machine
JAZZ_USER Set to the Jazz user who will be running the JBE, and loading the source files from the SCM.
JAZZ_PASSWORD_FILE Fully qualified path to the password file which has the password for the JAZZ_USER. The password file is generated by “jbe -createPasswordFile <file>”.
JBE_WORKING_DIR The working directory from which the JBE command will be called. Note that this directory can be different from the Jazz SCM load directory. This is just where JBE will run on the Build Forge Agent machine

These properties will have to be set either on the engine or build definition level in order for the Jazz SCM build participant to work with the Build Forge Agent build definition.

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