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RQM 4.0.1: How to display master-child test plan table?

Timur Markunin (6495162145) | asked Dec 06 '12, 5:29 a.m.

I'm trying to display Execution Status Using TCER Count(Live) widget as described in for JKE Bankin project

I've set the "Evaluate Test Plan Master-Child Relationship" parameter to Yes but I couldn't see teble with details of master-child test plans' TCERs.

Any ideas?

-thanks in advance

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Yong Hao Zhou (561) | answered Dec 06 '12, 10:17 p.m.
Hi Timur, in the dashboard viewlet report, there is no detailed table designed in the report, if you want to check the detail table, please open the Execution Status Using TCER Count(Live) report from menu "Reports"=>"Shared Reports", you can find it in the "Execution" folder. All the detail tables are only available in the normal-size OOTB birt reports, we didn't design the table in the dashboard viewlet reports.
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