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Displaying changed lines in a report

Leo Abreu (611) | asked Mar 14 '12, 4:31 p.m.
Is there a way to extend the RTC reporting functionality to add the changed lines of the change sets to a report?

Specifics of the report I'm trying to create:

1. Start by getting two separate lists of change sets, each from two different streams (let's call them stream 'A' and stream 'B').
2. Next EXCLUDE change sets from stream B's list that were also found in stream 'A' (since I only want to report on what was developed for stream B).
3. For the list of remaining change sets, show modified, added or deleted files.
4. For each file show added, modified, deleted lines, related to the change set.

Again, the initial intent is to be able to do this within the reporting facility. It seems like RTC's data warehouse does not contain the changed lines data. Could there be a way to extend the report/report template to access RTC's "live data". Could you hook into the SDK, from a report to the SDK to grab the additional data I need?

As an alternative, I may be able to generate such a report, going at it via the Command Line Interface (and/or perhaps via the SDK). But I prefer to have this report accessible via RTC reporting, since this would make for an easier user experience.


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