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SCM and Java API

Antonio Bonanni (1111717) | asked Jan 19 '12, 8:55 a.m.
Hi All,

i'm trying to create a client that update some information on SCM: i wrote code for the login and all is ok but i don't know how to find a way to (programmatically) get last delivery and promote to baseline ( programmatically). I need to know:

1) It's possible to do this task with Java ?
2) if possible, where can i find any doc to create a good piece of code to get work ?


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Ernest Crvich (19211918) | answered Jan 25 '12, 3:14 p.m.
This is the best place to start for customizations. Chapter 5 has some SCM notes.

You can dig through the API javadocs to help figure other things out. e.g., you can deliver baselines with IWorkspaceConnection.deliver(). To figure out the latest change set delivered, you'd probably need to do a compareTo() or compareToBaseline() (also with the IWorkspaceConnection object) to get change history...the changes are given in history order.

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