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Jazz Platform SDK?

Stefan Stern (4062128) | asked Jul 10 '08, 2:58 a.m.
Hello all

Right now, we are using Jazz internally as development environment for
an RCP application.

Jazz offers several features, that would enrich our product, like the
Database storage system that allows to define custom EMF models, the
process embedded in each Jazz component and others.

Therefore we started to investigate the possibilites of Jazz in detail.
As Jazz comes with a lot of features, that need not to be part of our
product, we wondered whether there will be a Jazz Platform SDK?
Compared with Eclipse, I feel that the RTC product is like the Eclipse
classic SDK. Eclipse classic comes with JDT and PDE. To develop an RCP
application or an Eclipse based application without Java development
features, the RCP target or Eclipse platform as PDE target can be used
instead oft he whole Eclipse SDK.
Do you have plans to provide a Jazz platform SDK which will offer the
basic features of Jazz to extenders?
Or would we have to strip down RTC Server and Client to construct our
own target ? And would that be legal in terms of the licence?
Speaking of the licence, what kind of RTC licence would our customers
have to buy when we deliver our application?

Kind regards and thanks in advance,
Stefan Stern

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