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how to programmatically set the value for type Deliverable

Amol Ramteke (133) | asked Jul 26 '11, 8:22 a.m.
how to programmatically set the value for type Deliverable in RTC development,

I got a IDeliverable but to set the values for attribute ,as my attribute id is "" which is returning null on calling the findAttribute method .
i have written code below :
IDeliverable deliverable = workItemClient.findDeliverableByName(projectArea, "6.0.0", IDeliverable.DEFAULT_PROFILE, monitor);

IAttribute requestedVersionAttribute = workItemCommon.findAttribute(workItem.getProjectArea(),"" , monitor); // returning null here

Now how to set the values for my attribute of type Deliverable.?
attribute id is ""

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radhika bandari (10675) | answered Dec 28 '11, 3:58 a.m.

Did you find any solution for this problem. I am also trying to get ProjectArea attribute by its ID .

IAttribute ProjAreaAtt2 = workitemcommon.findAttribute(ipah2, "", monitor);
It is returning null. And I need to set this Attribute as well.

Thanks in Advance

Radhika B.

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