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Can RTC be connected to multiple datasource for Reporting

Ashwini Malhotra (6163) | asked Apr 14 '11, 2:33 p.m.
We have unique requirement to support central reporting from RTC for data stored in SQL database. RTC is configured with DB2 as backend but we need to connect to additional datasource in SQL for central reporting.

How can we support reporting of from 2 different data source in RTC? Can it be done through BIRT? If yes how?

Any help or guidance is appreciated.

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Eduardo Bello (4401922) | answered Apr 17 '11, 8:06 p.m.
I never tried two different database types before, but I have some reports using 2 or 3 different data sources (all jazz data sources). So, I think it should work without problem. You just have to be sure that the jazz server has access to connect the additional SQL server.

Then you can just create a JDBC data source and a Jazz data source in BIRT

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