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Can we Preserve Case for Filenames?

Walter Mansur (6362917) | asked Jan 26 '10, 11:20 a.m.
In Base ClearCase, when you created a dynamic view, there was a setting named "Case Preserving". This would cause MVFS to preserve the case of file and folder names when it creates new files, folders, elements, and versions. This setting was helpful because if you created a file with the same name of an existing one in ClearCase and tried to check it in (at the same location, of course), it would prevent the check in of the new file.

This is described in this link:

We now would like this same functionality in Rational Team Concert. I don't see such a setting when I create a new repository workspace based on an existing project. Is there a way in RTC to make a repository, component, stream, or workspace to be "Case Preserving"?

I did search in the Jazz forums for "preserve", "preserve case", and "preserve AND case" and nothing came up that addresses this question. I did find several articles about case-insensitive login names.



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