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How to download all files and their previous 5 versions from a RTC project/component

James Cheung (671116) | asked Oct 30 '23, 7:31 p.m.

 Hi all,

Need some help and advice here?

We have a big RTC project which contains many thousands of files on last 10+ year. Now, I would like to download each file and their previous 5 versions with correct folder structure. If possible, I would like to preserve the checkin timestamp of the files too.


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Ralph Schoon (63.0k33645) | answered Oct 31 '23, 3:45 a.m.

 Download to do what?  What are 5 previous versions considering branches?

Here the options I am aware of: 
  1. Create the repository workspace/stream that select the version you want. 
  2. Create an Eclipse workspace/sandbox and load the files of the repository workspace.
  3. Use the scm command line to load the file version you want.
  4. Use the API e.g. see to download the files
  5. In the current version there is a command to export all versions for a component, not sure if it is a repotools command or in the SCM command line.

James Cheung commented Oct 31 '23, 2:22 p.m. | edited Oct 31 '23, 2:23 p.m.

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for your help!
1. We would like to upload those files and their previous 5 version to Sharepoint for a project. 
2. The previous 5 versions of a file is not necessary a branch. Just the versions of those word doc, excel and visio that our customers checked in.
3. Regarding the scm command line to load the file version, can I loop each folder and each file, then find out the version information and download each version? 

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