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DNG Artifact Extract at Import - Keyword Match Type - Sentence vs Paragraph

Jeffrey Follis (233) | asked Jan 24 '20, 1:19 p.m.
Good morning,

When uploading a word doc for import and extraction of artifacts, I am using keywords to help identify artifact types like requirements.

In the Import Wizard, there is a 'Match' option that can be set to 'sentence' or 'paragraph'.

I am having trouble finding what the difference is. Any ideas?

Thanks everyone!

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Sean F (1.3k231123) | answered Jan 26 '20, 1:49 a.m.
Hi Jeffery,

The option lets you create a new requirement for either every sentence containing your key word or alternatively for every paragraph containing your keyword.

For example, if you import the following document

and you choose the 'sentence' option

you will get 4 system requirements since there are 4 sentences.

If you choose the 'paragraph' option then you will get 2 system requirements since there are 2 paragraphs.
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