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How to get mail configuration information using java API

vikrant kamble (1323396) | asked Aug 21 '18, 10:10 a.m.


I am writing a custom extension to send email notification to team members based on value of file against attribute. Our users have demanded that some part of email body should be bold letters, I believe that RTC email API (IMailerService mailService = getService(IMailerService.class);) would not allow me to send email body in bold format. I have decided to use Java Email features to send email to users so that I can make email body in bold format,
To send email using java we need to email from and email to properties. I can get email address of team members but I want to get email configuration of CLM using server API (i.e. I want to get email address which is configured in CLM setup)
Can anyone guide me on how to get CLM email configuration details using RTC Server API.

My Investigation
IMailerService mailService = getService(IMailerService.class);
String address = mailService.getDefaultSender().getFrom().getAddress();
But if I use this method I get error - Unable to save work item. javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress.

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