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How can I replace multiple components' baseline in one shot ?

Krishna K (136) | asked Jul 30 '18, 3:24 p.m.

 Hi All,

I need to replace multiple components' baseline in one shot, scenario has been described as follow:

We have Dev stream and Integration stream, both share same components e.g. Comp1, Comp2, Comp3. When we done with the development sprint we create baselines on components, at that time we need to take content of 'Dev stream' to 'Integration stream' for build purpose by replacing components'(present in 'Integration Stream') baseline.

How can we replace baseline of components in 'Integration Stream/Workspace' similar to 'Dev Stream' or as required in one shot ? (Here, 'Integration Stream' contains other stream's components also e.g. Dev2 Stream)

Any help is highly appreciated.


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