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How to change the default tablespaces (VNF_IDX, VNF_32K, VSTR_IDX, VSTR_32K) while upgrading a data warehouse on Oracle DB?

Mohamed ElBeltagy (33) | asked Feb 01 '18, 9:05 a.m.

I am trying to configure data warehouse.

Current environment is:

  1. IBM WAS 7
  2. Oracle DB 11g (non-Windows)
  3. RTC 4.0.6
  4. No data warehouse configured
It is an upgrade from version 2 and working on upgrading to version 6.0.x.
We have data warehouse tables (not sure created by which version and upgraded till which version).
I modified the files with correct database connection.
Going to jts/admin wizard - Data Warehouse page - it gives me a message that I should migrate first.

repotools-jts -upgradeWarehouse 
gave me the following error in logs:
ORA-00959: tablespace 'VNF_32K' does not exist
I know that, for some reason, our DBA team have combined all RTC tablespaces into one.
My question is:
How can I override default value used in upgrade scripts of default values to a custom value?
We can drop data warehouse tables and re-create them using -createWarehouse if it has such an option.

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Kenji Sarai (96029) | answered Feb 01 '18, 9:27 p.m.

Hi Mohamed,

It is not supported to combine all RTC tablespaces (including for DW) into one. It is calling for disaster.

The tablespace name for RIDW schema is fixed as below.
(This is for Rational Insight, but RTC and Insight has the same RIDW schema structure)

If you did not follow this, then you will see many problems such as -upgradeWarehouse. Even if you manage to overcome this problem, you will see another problem sooner or later. I would recommend to create a new database DW with separated tablespaces from RTC, and fixed tablespace names.

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Mohamed ElBeltagy commented Feb 02 '18, 7:17 a.m.

Hi Kenji,
Thank you for your answer but I still don't understand why this is considered calling for disaster?
After all, all data warehouse  tables are in the same namespace already. What difference does it make having rtc tables with them?
* we are only using RTC.

Kenji Sarai commented Feb 02 '18, 8:37 a.m.

Although I cannot find the statement anymore, but I remember there is a warning that advises to set the table/tablespace/bufferpool names as explained in Knowledge center. Otherwise you will encounter the problem like you are seeing now.

There is one more critical problem to combine RTC/DW database together. You will see performance problems because the usage for DW is sometimes high and affect RTC side, or vise versa. It is impossible to set separate database parameters, which is very important. You will need to compromise at some stage, and there is nothing IBM team can help. Again, there is no reason to combine them together.

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