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Is it possible to export, if template name and project area name are the same

ast java (45538) | asked Aug 29 '16, 2:33 a.m.
Hi Team,

Is it correct scenario to export , having template name and project area name same in RTC. we have a tool in which we can export the PA( But when i tried to export an PA with same Template from the tool, i got
FAT ~ TeamRepositoryException could not be handled Process template referenced by existing project area 'ApplArchTeam_ProjectArea_Testing' .

Is it correct scenario to export an PA having same Template or do i need to allow to export the PA from my Tool.

ast java commented Aug 29 '16, 3:14 a.m.

Adding to previous question , doing following check in the code:
 IProcessDefinition old =
            ((ProcessClientService) this.service).findProcessDefinition(this.rtcProjectAreaName.toLowerCase(),
                IProcessClientService.ALL_PROPERTIES, this.monitor);
 if(null != old){
this.service.delete(old, true, monitor);
while deleting the old processdefination, getting the TeamRepository Exception. Let me know what i am doing wrong here.

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