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How can I (unsafely) delete a stream using the plain java API?

Andy Jewell (24225771) | asked Jan 25 '16, 6:53 p.m.
edited Jan 26 '16, 2:07 a.m. by Ralph Schoon (61.6k33643)
I am trying to delete a stream using plain java API.  This works:

    public static void deleteStream(final RtcSession session,IWorkspaceConnection stream_to_delete, IWorkspaceConnection workspace_for_snapshot) throws TeamRepositoryException{
        final IWorkspaceManager wm = SCMPlatform.getWorkspaceManager(session.getRepo());
        wm.safelyDeleteStream((IWorkspaceHandle) stream_to_delete.getContextHandle(), workspace_for_snapshot, session.getMonitor());

But I need to provide a workspace to save a snapshot of the stream.  The UI has an option to just delete the stream without creating a snapshot.  Does anyone know where that is in the API?  I assume there's a way to do it??


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Ralph Schoon (61.6k33643) | answered Jan 26 '16, 2:29 a.m.
Have you tried wm.deleteWorkspace(workspaceHandle, progressMonitor)? As far as I know streams and repository workspaces are pretty much the same.
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Andy Jewell commented Jan 26 '16, 10:45 a.m.

By cracky, it works.. ;)  Thank you!

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