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tean dashboard query with a group by criteria - work-item result view columns

Nicolas Dangeville (30612125) | asked May 28 '15, 4:22 p.m.
I have a question from a customer that I could not answer.
In the team dashboard view of Eclipse, my customer configures a query and use a "group by" criteria (e.g. owner). The query that they use for configuring the view has a specific column display defined.

In the team dashboard, when the query displays several bars, and when we click on one of them, the work-items are listed in the work-items view, but the display is not the one specified in the query.
When we edit the query from the work-items view, we see that it's not the one used for configuring the query section, but it's a filter based on the bar we clicked on. That makes sense. However, the column ordering displayed in the configured query is not propagated to the generated filter query.

Is there a setting that allows this generated query to honor the column display of the configured query ?

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