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new storage model tutorial on the wiki

Chris Daly (61651) | asked Oct 18 '07, 12:49 a.m.
The JazzTalk walkthrough showed how to craft a very simple storage model
containing one class with a single attribute. JazzTalk is a good
introduction to storage model development but it will likely leave Jazz
developers with many questions about how to develop larger scale storage
models. The JazzBot walkthrough is intended to answer such questions.
This walkthrough is named JazzBot for two reasons. First because it is a
"Bag of Tricks" (BOT) showing a variety of aspects of storage model
design that go beyond JazzTalk, and second because it uses robots as a
metaphor to drive the example.

Read more at:

If any of you who are developing components find the code or the wiki
content unclear, please post your questions here or create workitems.
We will use your feedback to improve this tutorial and to select topics
for future tutorials.

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