The DM Link Type Vocabulary.

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This page lists the RDF classes, properties, and individuals that make up the vocabulary. Following W3C best practices, this information is available as HTML (this page) and as RDF.

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Defines the properties that can be used in DM for OSLC linking.

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Classes in this vocabulary:


Properties in this vocabulary:

Derives From, Elaborates, External Web Page, Refines, Satisfies, Trace

Derives From
Derives From is an RDF property.

The resource that derives from another resource originated from or is significantly influenced by the referenced resource. For example a model element derives from a requirement.

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Elaborates is an RDF property.

This resource elaborates the referenced resource.

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External Web Page
External Web Page is an RDF property.

A generic link from a resource to an external web page.

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Refines is an RDF property.

The target is a refinement of the source. (e.g. A use case scenario might be a refinement of a textual requirement that describes the interaction).

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Satisfies is an RDF property.

The model element satisfies the requirement (e.g. The use case satisfies a functional requirement).

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Trace is an RDF property.

The model element has a trace to the requirement (e.g. An attribute or its value are traced to a requirement).

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