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Authors: Richard Watts, John Vasta
Build basis: CLM, 6.0.3 and later (we actually support WebSphere Liberty Authorization Server in 6.0 and later - but for applications starting in 6.0.3)

There are several reasons you might need to upgrade your WebSphere Liberty Profile, and doing so is very straight forward. The WebSphere knowledge center provides a lot of detailed information about applying updates. There is one key piece of information you require to be successful, and that is the location on disk where your WebSphere Liberty Profile (WLP) is.

The WebSphere team releases Liberty quarterly and the CLM team tests each release to ensure that it works with the currently supported products.

Note: This is not intended to be exhaustive. It is intended to help you understand the typical cases. The WebSphere documentation and release notes will provide definitive guidance and should be your single point of truth.

WebSphere Liberty Package

There are several versions of WebSphere Liberty, the version that you are entitled to as part of your purchase of CLM is the WebSphere Liberty Core Edition. You should be selecting the Liberty Core runtime environment and all Liberty features that apply to the edition download.

WebSphere Liberty Install Location

By default, we install WebSphere Liberty in the server subfolder under our root jazz installation location. It will look something like this:


When applying fixes or updates, you need to determine whether you are updating a subcomponent (typically a jar) or replacing the entire runtime.

Replacing a subcomponent

Replacing a subcomponent or applying an interim fix requires you to execute a java program (jar) and supply the location of your WLP directory so the program can move the necessary files into the Liberty Profile. The programs do not provide backup/restore features, so you should always backup your WLP directory before applying interim fixes.

Basic Steps (the readme.txt file will provide details)

  1. Read the accompanying readme.txt file
  2. Stop the Liberty Server(s)
  3. Backup the WLP directory
  4. Apply the fix
  5. Start the server with the --clean argument

Replacing the runtime

Replacing the runtime, typically upgrading WebSphere Liberty is done by deleting the old WLP directory and replacing it with a new one.

Basic Steps (follow instructions based on the type of installation you download)

  1. Read the accompanying readme.txt file
  2. Stop the Liberty Server(s)
  3. Backup the WLP directory
  4. Delete the existing WLP directory
  5. Unzip the new runtime to the same location
  6. Start the server

Additional Information

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Additional contributors: Michael Saylor

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