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todo.png Uninstalling web applications in a distributed environment by using the clm_undeploy_distributed.py script

Authors: MichaelAfshar
Build basis: The Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) 4.0 and later

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This Jython script uninstalls those installed CLM applications that you specify in a comma-separated list. The script assumes that the applications have a .war extension.


  1. To uninstall specific CLM applications, open a command window and change the directory to WASInstallDir/AppServer/profiles/profile_name/bin. If you have more than one profile under the profiles directory, select the profile that you used for the CLM installation.
  2. Run the following command substituting WAS_username with the WebSphere Application Server admin username, WAS_password with the admin user password, and path to the script with the location of the script, for example, C:/JazzTeamServer/server/was/clm_undeploy_distributed.py (notice the forward slash on Windows platform). List the applications you want to uninstall separated by a comma without spaces.


./wsadmin.sh -language jython -user WAS_username -password WAS_password -f path to the script/clm_undeploy_distributed.py jts,rm


wsadmin.bat -language jython -user WAS_username -password WAS_password -f path to the script/clm_undeploy_distributed.py jts,rm

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