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Build basis: RTC 4.0.x

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To measure the execution time of the SCM command line application, you can activate debug options on the command line.


  1. Create a file called ".options" containing this text:
  2. Save the file in the directory where you installed the scm command line, for example:


  1. Launch the command scm -debug .options [scm commands and options]
  2. Example:
    C:\IBM\TeamConcert401\scmtools\eclipse>scm -debug .options list projectareas -r
    Start VM: C:\IBM\TeamConcert401\jdk\jre/bin/java.exe
    Debug options:
        file:/C:/IBM/TeamConcert401/scmtools/eclipse/options.txt loaded
    Time to load bundles: 3
    Starting application: 377
    (1000) "CCMProject1"
    Service Trip Statistics:
    Interface/method           Calls  Time
      IRepositoryRemoteService     1  24ms
        fetchOrRefreshItems        1  24ms
      IQueryService...........     1  19ms
        queryItems                 1  19ms
    -- Total time in service calls: 43ms

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