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Authors: RosaNaranjo
Build basis: All CLM web Applications, 6.0.1 and later

In the 6.0.1 release of Collaborative Lifecycle Management, we switched out the application server we bundle with the product. If you install the default application server, it is now WebSphere Liberty instead of Apache Tomcat. Apache Tomcat is still supported but you must download and configure it yourself. This change was made in part to simplify the installation experience. We had recommended traditional WebSphere for enterprise deployments and at times, this could mean migrating from Tomcat to traditional WebSphere. With the bundling of WebSphere Liberty, that is not necessary.

Migration steps

Our interactive upgrade guide covers this scenario. Application data and Tomcat configurations are migrated to the Liberty Profile during the upgrade process.


Files updated on the Liberty profile are as follows:

  • Location: [JAZZ_Install_Dir]\server\liberty\servers\clm
  • server.xml - Includes Basic or LDAP User Registry based on Tomcat config
  • application.xml and web.xml Security Role mappings
  • basicUserRegistry.xml or ldapUserRegistry.xml User Registry Detail

If you installed CA Certificates on Tomcat, migrate them to Liberty profile.

  • Copy the keystore file you were using with Tomcat to \server\liberty\servers\clm\resources\security
  • Edit server.xml file and update the element keystore_element.png

User registry migration

LDAP Registry

  • LDAP Registry details are updated in ldapUserRegistry.xml
  • LDAP user and group filter details are not updated
  • Follow the info center page for the user and group filter configuration for different LDAPs

Tomcat registry

  • Tomcat Users are migrated to the liberty basicUserRegistry.xml file
  • A file named passwords.txt is created in the /server directory of 6.0.x
    • The file contains temporary passwords for all users from the tomcat-users.xml file
  • After the server is started, users can change their temporary passwords

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Migrating from Apache Tomcat to the WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile

Additional contributors: PaulEllis, ShubjitNaik

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