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Migrate from Traditional WebSphere to WebSphere Liberty

Authors: MichaelAfshar, RichardWatts, RichardForziati, SrinivasMadhanagopal, BreunReed
Build basis: All CLM web Applications, 6.0.1 and later

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In the 6.0.1 release of Collaborative Lifecycle Management, we switched out the application server we bundle with the product. If you install the default application server, it is now WebSphere Liberty instead of Apache Tomcat. Apache Tomcat is still supported but you must download and configure it yourself. This change was made in part to simplify the installation experience. We had recommended traditional WebSphere for enterprise deployments and at times, this could at times, mean migrating from Tomcat to traditional WebSphere. With the bundling of WebSphere Liberty that is not necessary.

Migration Steps

These instructions assume you install Liberty along with CLM via Install Manager.

The install will have the default Liberty Profile for CLM applications. It is recommended that each Application run on its own server or at least its own Liberty Profile (for Process isolation). Each Profile has its own JVM resources.

Review the interactive upgrade guide for the specific version to version upgrade you are performing. We do not provide component specific WebSphere to Liberty Migration steps because there are parts of Traditional WebSphere that do not exist in Liberty.

  1. Stop the WAS server (If you have your server set to automatically start WAS after a reboot you should disable that as you don't want WAS and Liberty running at the same time).
  2. Backup your databases & configuration files [OLD_JazzTeamServer_Home]\conf\app\teamserver.properties;indices;workitemindex
  3. copy the configuration files to the new app server [NEW_JazzTeamServer_Home]\conf\app\teamserver.properties;indices;workitemindex
  4. Start the Liberty server by running the following commands:
cd JazzInstallDir/server

If you're using IHS in front of your servers you will need to re-import the certificate into IHS

Re-import the certificate into IHS to reflect the new server

  1. From a terminal, execute: openssl s_client -connect host.domain:9443
  2. From the output, copy the certificate only (see the example certificate below). Be sure not to include spaces or any other text.
  3. Create a new certificate file (for example jts.crt) by pasting the certificate and saving the file.
  4. Open ikeyman within IBM HTTP Server directory (/opt/IBM/HTTPServer/bin/ikeyman)
  5. Open the keystore referenced by your plugin-cfg.xml file (and enter the keystore password)
  6. Import certificate into ikeyman
    1. Select "Signer Certificates" from the drop-down.
    2. Click "Add".
    3. Select "All Files"
    4. Select the newly created .crt file and click "Open". 
  7. Restart IHS (/opt/IBM/HTTPServer/bin/apachectl stop/start/restart)

Example Certificate


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