Usage Guides for ELM JMX MBeans

Authors: TimFeeney
Build basis: 6.0.5 and later

While JMX MBeans Reference Guides defines each available MBean, MBeans Usage Guides provide guidance on how they can be used in different scenarios and goals.

  • CLM Monitoring Primer provides guidance on the base set of MBeans to include in your monitoring strategy

  • Potential future usage guides include:
    • application specific guidance for DOORS Next, EWM, ETM, etc.
    • monitoring the health and well being of your reporting subsystem
    • monitoring a clustered environment
    • monitoring in a configuration management enabled environment
    • monitoring CCM environments with high volume of builds supporting CI/CD

To be most valuable, usage guide content needs to be driven by experience using the MBeans to monitor a variety of production deployments. For any client/admin using these ELM MBeans to monitor/manage production deployments, please contact the Tim Feeney ( to share your experience.

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