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Current and previous releases

Rational License Key Server

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Before version 3.0.1, the CLM products had individual product documentation. You can these older version in IBM Knowledge Center.

The Support Portal's Product Information page provides a complete alphabetical list of all the IBM product documentation.

Product documentation contents

The Rational product documentation in IBM Knowledge Center provides basic guidance for installation, configuration, and general use of the products.

Content that is published outside the product documentation, such as in this Deployment wiki, further illustrates topics and concepts, provides deployment-specific examples, and puts common questions and knowledge into context.

This topic provides links to IBM Knowldege Center, as well as some tips and tricks for using them effectively. See Finding information: Wiki, product documentation, or IBM Support Portal? for details about where the content is located.

The information center

The IC provides the help for the latest milestone of the next product version. It always has the same URL, but the contents change frequently. Because it is under development, it can easily provide incomplete information or information that is unrelated to released versions of the products.

IBM Knowledge Center

For most Rational products, a new version of the product help is published for each release of the product. You can see all of the version of the documentation available for a product from the navigation panel in IBM Knowledge Center. Verify that you are looking at the right version of the documentation because following the guidance for a different version of the product than you are using can lead to complications and provide the wrong information.

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