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todo.png Impact 2014 lab with IBM Pure Application System, Test Virtualization, and IBM Urbancode Deploy

Authors: RobbieMinshall, TWikiUser
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  • Attendees walk away understanding the relationship between IBM Urbancode Deploy and IBM Pure Application System
  • Attendees walk away with a basic understanding of Test Virtualization with IBM Greenhat technologies
  • Attendees get some hands on experience with IBM Urbancode Deploy and test virtualization using Rational Test Workbench and Rational Test Virtualization Server

Lab Instructions


This Lab is divided into two types of activities: Demos and Activities. The objective is to provide an overview of the setup and lifecycle of an application as well as providing hands on experience. There are 3 roles in the lab:
  • Adam provides shared infrastructure to the development communities. He is the Administrator for IBM Pure Application System and can configure shared services.
  • Ted leads up a development organization that is creating the JKE banking application. He understands the Application design and collaborates with Admin on requirements for shared services.
  • Evan is a member of Tedís team. His role as a test engineer requires that he can make changes to the JKE banking application, deploy and test those changes on a continuous basis.


Setting up infrastructure and capturing golden topologies as code


(6 min) Deploying devOps services including Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management, Token based licensing and IBM Green Hat technologies

(3 min) Deploy IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution to IBM PureApplication System

Infrastructure as code.

Create pattern and capture it as source

Creating a Pattern pipeline

Initializing the project


Configure IBM Urbancode Deploy with IBM Pure Application System

Deploying JKE application (with test virtualization)


Create Environment

(includes cloud connection configuration). Deploy Test Environment from IBM Urbancode Deploy leveraging IBM Pure Application System.

Digging deeper into test virtualization


"How did that get here?" - Creating the Logical View Model

"What did we do again?" - Creating a stub

End to end

Make a change to the application, results in a build, results in deployment with full traceability

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