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constantchange.png Emerging technologies

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This section is devoted to the Emerging technologies of the Rational brand. These are specific products, or solutions, or technologies, that we are focused on helping bring to the market. Since many of these areas are "brand new", we want to capture best practices and common deployment information for these areas. If you have any questions about these, please contact DanToczala who is the manager of this team.

Our approach

The focus areas highlighted here are all new (or nearly new) to the broader marketplace. Since the understanding of how these things can be best used and deployed is still changing, we are collecting "best practices" in these wiki pages as we learn. Therefore the information found here on these focus areas should be considered as guidelines for how to best utilize these tools and solutions. The information shown here is our LATEST thinking on these things, and represents what is often called the "bleeding edge" of our knowledge base. You need to understand that while we encourage you to use this information, and help us add to it, it does not represent any "official" guidance on the part of IBM. It is merely a transparent sharing of our best information to date, and you need to treat it that way.

Current emerging technologies

This is a list of the current focus areas for the Emerging technologies team. It is not a comprehensive list of all of the products/solutions/technologies that are being introduced by the Rational brand. The current areas of focus are listed in the subsections below.

uc16.png DevOps

The DevOps section refers to the various DevOps solutions and approaches that are supported by Rational.

uc16.png Migrating to RTC for Application Development on z/OS

The Migrating to RTC for Application Development on z/OS section covers situations where an organization is migrating data and processes from existing mainframe development and SCM solutions, to a Rational Team Concert based solution. In the section you will find information that is useful to both the entire solution adoption process, and the change that the organization needs to face: from deployment planning considerations to usage tips and practices recommendations.

uc16.png Green Hat

The "Green Hat" family of solutions is part of the larger testing capabilities offered by the Rational brand.

uc16.png RELM

The RELM (Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager) solution offers systems engineering capabilities to organizations, allowing them to visualize, analyze and organize engineering data and their relationships.

uc16.png DevOps Services (powered by JazzHub)

DevOps services are a simple cloud implementation of Jazz capabilities. You can see it out on the JazzHub website. The basic introduction is out there, as well as details on the benefits of using DevOps services, and the costs associated with using DevOps services (which are minimal, and can be free).

Past emerging technologies

As time goes on, we will "graduate" some of these focus areas, so they can no longer be considered as "emerging". As we do this, we will move on to other areas of focus. Because we are proud of our work, we don't want to lose it, so we will keep this content "alive" in the subsections below for historical and reference purposes.

DOORS Next Gen (DNG)

The DOORS Next Gen solution is the next generation of the popular requirements management product known as DOORS.

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